Saturday, January 20, 2007


Received a postcard today from my friend, Amy "Here's Your Damn Postcard" Krautheimer (that's not really her name, but we'll pretend it is.)

On the back, she wrote, "Here are a few networking techniques to add to your bag of tricks!"

Funny thing is, I just looked at an opening for a project manager in Rocks Springs, WY! I suppose if I lived there, I'd have to get a pick-up truck to make it easier to network.

Thanks, Amy!


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Rock Springs is an ARMPIT. Don't move there. My sister lives there. Yikes.

JMK said...

I know! My grandfather (may he rest in peace) use to own gas stations there. He and my grandmother moved to Green River after WWII and lived there for 60 years. You're right about R.S. being a pit; Green River is a nice town, though. I could live there.