Friday, February 23, 2007

In the BIN

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that the next issue of In the BIN would feature highlights from noteworthy blogs I found by clicking “Next Blog” in the Blogger header of my blog. I spent the better part of an evening Blogger surfing and sadly discovered that, just like television and channel surfing, there was almost nothing worth noting (or watching) by clicking on "Next Blog" on Blogger. Barring a Google search for lists in other cities akin to DC Blogs and not wanting to cull through WordPress or TypePad or LiveJournal, I’ve determined that the kinds of blogs I like to read aren’t to be found by clicking “Next Blog.”

That said, I went back to DC Blogs and its blog rolls and decided to work my way through one letter of the alphabetical listings. Feeling contrary, I started with Q. Turns out, there are only three bloggers in DC Blogs whose blog titles feature a Q. So, without further a-que (get it? Huh? Huh? A-que? Ado? Okay, lame, I know), I give you the Q’s.

Normally a blog about software, Q’s Wire takes a detour and writes about the change in color in Wrigley’s gum. Here is The Evolution of Gum.

And then, there’s The Queue. This blog manages to do a great job keeping things really short and to the point. No one particular entry to highlight here. Just check out the whole thing.

Finally, if you hate cell phones like I hate cell phones, you’ll love this one. If you have a cell phone, but you’re too stupid to realize how damn annoying cell phones can be, then you should definitely read this. Here’s Quiet in the Stacks with Can You Hear Me Now? (P.S. When I grow up, I want to write as well as QitS.)

And, this one wasn’t found via DC Blogs, but it’s a gem nonetheless. Whilst looking for a decent picture of Liechtenstein on Google Images, I came across this blog. It’s nice to know someone has found a creative outlet for their exhibitionist tendencies and their photographic skills. I give you Mooner Boy. All I can say is, I thought I'd seen it all, but apparently not...

But wait, there's more....

Apparently, this is an In the BIN I started last week and never finished. So, here it is, for what it's worth...

This week’s In the BIN is brought to you by, which reminds you that even though the words “cleanliness is next to godliness” are not in the Bible, it’s still true. At least to people in red states, anyway.

P.S. It's quite possible that, contrary to what I said in the beginning of this entry about not finding anything noteworthy by blog surfing, in fact, I think I found these blogs by clicking on "Next Blog." Hm. I don't remember... Memory loss... The first, sure sign of old age...

It’s a small world, but I think this blog is written by the now-grown daughter of a former Sunday School teacher from my days growing up in Orem, Utah. Here is Whitney Orton. I think she might be Matt and RaVoe Orton's kid.

Apparently, some folks in Peru want to build a bridge to Macchu Picchu. I wonder if they're the same folks who wanted to build that bridge to nowhere in Alaska. Maybe they could build a bridge from Alaska to Peru... That would be worthwhile, right? Here's Inca Link is a Bridge Too Far.

Is Queensland, Australia, small enough that Talking Budgie would know this marathoner-in-training?

I suppose the assumption is that sport in this country is still predominantly a male thing. That said, it’s always fun when you find a woman who’s interested in sport and makes a living from it. Here’s Sleepwalker.

Guymoi’s Blog. Photography from some French guy. Or at least, from some guy who can speak and write in French.

And that's it for this week's installment of In the BIN. Stay tuned next week when I bring you the best of blogging from Canada. (Now, where do I go to find those kinds of blogs???)


whitney joy said...

I did tell my parents that you stopped by and commented on my blog. It made my mom so happy, here is her address if you wanted to write her, I am sure she would love it.

JMK said...

Whitney: Welcome! Thanks for the info on your mom. As I mentioned over on your blog, my sister and I have very warm memories of your parents--especially your mom. She is/was part of the reason both Janeen and I chose to go on missions. Janeen and I often swap "RaVoe" stories. In truth, I don't remember any of my other Sunday School or YW advisors. I think your mom is the only one I have any clear, vivid memories of. Anyway--please give her our best. Janeen or I (or both of us) will email her soon!