Thursday, February 22, 2007

Luxembourg and Liechtenstein

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

An earlier entry today featured a quiz about the European duchy of Luxembourg. I asked three questions:
  1. Name the three countries what border Luxembourg.
  2. Name the official languages of this country.
  3. Name the capital.
Some of you who left answers in the comments section were partially right, but no one scored 100 percent on this. (And, in truth, I had to look up the answers at Wikipedia. Had I taken this quiz, I would have scored pitifully. Which is embarrassing, because I use to know all the countries in Europe, along with which countries border which and what their capitals are.)

Here, for your quiz-checking pleasure, are the answers for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:
  1. Luxembourg is bordered by Germany, France, and Belgium.
  2. The official languages are German, French, and Luxembourgish.
  3. The capital is Luxembourg.
For the fun of it, I also pulled up information about Liechtenstein. This country is sandwiched between Switzerland to the west and Austria to the east. Its official language is German and the capital is Vaduz. Like Luxembourg, it is the only other German-speaking country with a monarchy as head of state. Where Luxembourg is a Grand Duchy, Liechtenstein is a principality, like Monaco.

More information on Luxembourg and Liechtenstein can be found by clicking on each respective country.

Vaduz, Liechtenstein


Di said...

Also, impress your friends with this wee nugget of trivia: Besides Switzerland, what is the only country that uses the Swiss Franc as official currency? Liechtenstein. No, they're not on the Euro (along with Switzerland [not part of the EU anyhow], Norway, UK [Ireland is on the Euro], Denmark, Sweden and all of Eastern Europe.)

JMK said...

Interesting! I finally held Euros the other day. When Dr Lala was here, she had Euros and British Pounds and American Dollars. I don't know how she keeps 'em all straight.

If Switzerland really wanted to mess with our heads, they'd use Francs, Marks, Lire, and Monopoly money for the part of the country that speaks Romanisch... Okay, now I'm just being silly, huh? Sleep deprivation...