Thursday, March 15, 2007

When Bloggers Meet

Tuesday evening, after work, I zipped over to Woodley Park to meet up with Sideon—a fellow blogger from the Bloggernacle. This was, once again, a meeting of two total strangers who knew nothing more about each other than what we’ve read on one another’s blogs. And yet, I felt like I was meeting an old friend!

First of all, let me say, if you ever have a chance to meet Sideon, run! Don’t walk. Aside from my dad, my brother, the Gunfighter, the Legislative Fellow, and my grad school advisor, I don’t think I’ve ever met a nicer guy. And funny! At one point, I was in peril of choking on my pad thai, I was laughing so hard. (More on the pad thai in a moment.)

Sideon was in town for a conference. When he's not traveling to conferences and giving kick ass presentations—as apparently he did this week at said conference he was in town for—he lives in the Bay Area. Of course, whenever I meet people who smartly stay there, I get a little weepy and nostalgic. Again I ask myself, what was I THINKING!?!?!!! But I digress, as usual.

We talked about restaurants in the Bay Area—the great Thai place he goes to in Concord, the fabulous creperie in San Francisco I recommend to everyone. (Sideon: You really must go there. Must! Must! Must! Order “The Tod” for dessert. It’s the crepe with the apples and caramel. I prefer the “La Delice,” but The Tod is nice, too.) We discussed where we’d grown up (surprising, not all that far from each other in Utah. And we graduated high school the same year. Go Class of ’86!) We waxed enthusiastic about one of our most favoritest bloggers, Sister Mary Lisa, and the brilliant things she writes. We talked about jobs and real estate. And we ate.

Bottom line: It was a lovely evening spent with a lovely person who also pays the nicest compliments. (He said I was a “kind writer.” I’m still pondering that. And thank you again, Sideon, for the compliment.)

Oh, and about the food. We ate at a fabulous little Thai restaurant that opened in my old neighborhood about two years ago. It’s called Rice and is tucked in next to a new bank of condos and a shop called 100% Made in Mexico on 14th Street between R and Q Streets. It is, in a word, divine. We had the chicken satay, pad thai, sautéed beef in green tea, and crispy tofu with mushrooms and ginger sauce. That last dish was new for me and its best feature was the tempura ginger. Amazing!

I love meeting new people and Sideon was no exception. Thanks again for dinner, Sid! Come back anytime and let me know when you get to Ti Couz!

Photo copyright: Fog Bay, "Golden Gate Morning."


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Oh my. "We waxed enthusiastic about one of our most favoritest bloggers, Sister Mary Lisa, and the brilliant things she writes."

I'm blushing hard. You two are both some of my favorite bloggers (and people) in the world.

:) I'm so jealous I wasn't there with you two.

Mary Ellen said...

I second Janet enthusiastically re: Ti Couz!

The Thai food sounds divine. Maybe I'll have to come visit.

We're taking a road trip to San Antonio tomorrow and I hear there's a Thai restaurant there.

JMK said...

SML: We did. We love you! We're thinking of starting a fan club with t-shirts and posters and Sister Mary Lisa pens that impart inspiration and writing genius on the one who possesses the SML Pen... We still haven't decided who will be president of the fan club though. Sideon and I are still fighting about that.

If you elect me, I pledge to...

Seriously, though, we adore you! Wish you'd been there, too!

JMK said...

ME: I'm thinking I should do a write up on Ti Couz. I'm surprised I haven't. It's the only restaurant in San Francisco I recommend.

That's not to say there aren't other good ones. I have an entire business card portfolio full of cards from restaurants I ate at while I lived there. Blue, Palamino, Yang Sing, 2225, Royal Thai...

Come on over, though, and we'll go for thai at Rice. Of course, if you're going to San Antone this weekend, I think a trip to Costco and a trip for thai are in order.

Di said...

Ahhhh, Ti Couz. I'm jealous.

I'm also jealous that you got to meet Sideon!! Hmph. I wanna meet up with you guys AND with SML!!

Sideon said...

Janet, you're making me blush, big time!!! ((insert picture of rosy red cheeks, right here))

We had a fabulous time. FAB-U-LOUS. As you mentioned, it was like meeting an old friend. We talked non-stop the entire time. I should have warned you that I talk so fast, but I guess you found that out with my first voice-mail message that you had to listen to twice to understand :) Luckily, I had almost lost my voice and needed a big glass of water at the thai restaurant to kick it back into high gear.

What I mean about being a "kind writer:" Janet, you write compassionately and intelligently, as opposed to how I write, which is often guttural and from the hip (instead of from my brain). You are respectful and kind, and I admit that my world-view tends to be egocentric and much less forgiving.

The creperie: I read your post to Scott last night and he wants you to know that he's highly upset that he couldn't share the meal with us - so much so that he's threatening to go the creperie and enjoying "The Tod" without me. Can you imagine my horror!?

Jobs and real estate: I'll be forwarding information your way. I propose that we start a literal blogging community and get SML (can we be co-presidents of her club?) and others to move to the Bay area. Like, right now :)

Hugs and love from sunny California.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Well. Obviously there should be t-shirts that say WEENIS OF THE WEEK on them. Oh yes. I'd totally wear it!

:) You guys are great.

Liseysmom said...

Color me very jealous!! I told Sideon next time he is town he'd best give me some advance warning and I will drive down for some bloggerrific fun.