Saturday, March 17, 2007

With Friends Like These...

Caution: If you haven’t taken this test and you want to, do not read today’s blog entry. Go here to take this test first, then come back here and read the answers.

I thought I’d provide the answers to the "How Well Do My Friends Know Me" test I posted the other day. So, without further ado, here they are.

1. My eyes are: Blue. They’re also my best physical feature. At least, it would seem as I receive more compliments for my eyes than any other feature. On this question five out of 11 of you answered correctly, or 46 percent.

2. In college, I majored in Foreign Language and Literature. In graduate school, I studied Religion and Society. This was obviously a trick question, with emphasis on the word college. Arguably, I did major in Religion and Society, but that was in grad school. On this question four of 11 answered correctly, or 36 percent.

3. I was born in California, grew up in Utah, moved to Virginia, lived in Austria, went to grad school in California, and now live in Washington, D.C. On this question, nine out of 11 answered correctly, or 82 percent.

4. When I was 8, I acquired a scar on my right knee. I got it when I ran into an above ground sprinkler painted green so as to blend in with the lawn. I had to have stitches. For years, that scarred really bothered me and I didn’t like people to see it. Now, I don’t care. On this question three of 11 answered correctly, or 27 percent.

5. If I had pets, they would be a pair of dachshunds. I know what you’re thinking. “Dachshunds!? Those long little dogs who look funny?” Yep, them’s the ones. Love me my doxies. One day. One day… On this question six of 11 answered correctly, or 55 percent.

6. I would name my pets Geronimo and Timber! Wouldn’t that be fun when you holler for them? Geronimooooooo! Timberrrrrrr! In all fairness, though, I’ve also considered naming a pair of dachshunds Col. Klink and Sgt. Schultz, a la Hogan’s Heroes. Oscar and Felix come in a close third. On this question two of eleven answered correctly, or 18 percent.

7. I’m a weeny when it comes to being cold. I don’t like being cold. More specifically, I don’t like it when my feet or nose are cold, especially at night, when I’m trying to go to sleep. On this question five of 11 answered correctly, or 46 percent.

8. I am totally deaf in my left ear. Have been since birth. I don’t hear in stereo, which is a shame, because I love music. This is also why I will always walk on the left side of you or why I’ll offer to drive places. Sitting in the passenger seat isn’t enjoyable for me (unless I'm in England. Then driving would be a drag) because I can’t hear the conversation and I constantly have to ask people to repeat themselves. At restaurants, on the other hand, I’ll usually sit near the wall, or on the right hand side of you. This way, sound bounces off the wall and into my good ear. You learn all sorts of little tricks when you’re with me. Oh, and I lip read, too, so watch what you say in my line of vision! I thought everyone knew this about me. Hm. Guess not. On this question eight of 11 answered correctly, or 73 percent.

9. In a cheese shop, I always go for the Humboldt Fog Chevre. Although, the Wisconsin Smoked Gouda comes in a close second. I also enjoy Feta, Butterkase, Drunken Goat Cheese, Port Salut, and just plain old cheddar. On this question eight of 11 answered correctly, or 73 percent.

10. I only subscribe to one magazine. It is Cook’s Illustrated. Not only is this one of the best cooking magazines out there, it also has no advertising. I canceled my subscriptions to Gourmet and Saveur because I got tired of wading through the needless advertisements. On this question nine of 11 answered correctly, or 82 percent.

11. My beverage of choice is Dr. Pepper. Although, in social or business/networking settings, I usually order a cranberry juice with ginger ale and a lime. There’s something about having a drink in your hand that has color and a little piece of fruit that keeps people from questioning why you’re not imbibing in drinks with more punch. On this question seven of 11 answered correctly, or 64 percent.

12. The last author I’ve most recently read is John McPhee’s La Place de la Concorde Suisse. I’m currently reading his book about Alaska, Coming into the Country, as well as several other authors. On this question eight of 11 answered correctly, or 73 percent.

13. My favorite album at the moment is Pink Martini’s “Hang On Little Tomato.” This was a tough question, because I just favorably reviewed three of the four albums I listed as choices—Pink Martini, Madeleine Peyroux, and Norah Jones—all of which are excellent albums. But of those three, Pink Martini is my very favorite. At least, right now anyway… My thanks to Mary Ellen for that recommendation! On this question six of 11 answered correctly, or 55 percent.

14. My favorite monument in Washington, D.C., is the Lincoln Memorial. Although, the World War II Memorial at night with the Lincoln Memorial lit in the background are my favorite set of monuments after the sun goes down. On this question ten of 11 answered correctly, or 91 percent. This was the question with the most correct answers.

15. When I want to get away from the rat race of life, I go to the beach. Even if I have to get up at 4:00 a.m. to beat traffic, which is what I have to do out here to be in Rehoboth, Delaware, in time for sunrise (which is just a sunset in reverse, doncha know?) On this question three of 11 answered correctly, or 28 percent.

16. And finally, when I was 6, I was Tinkerbell in the school play! My dad and my Uncle Dwight fashioned a really cool pair of wings for me that involved welding and soldering and filmy, gauzy sheer fabric. I was one adorable little sprite! If I can wrangle up a picture from my mom, I’ll post it here. On this question six of 11 answered correctly, or 55 percent.

Thanks for taking my test, friends! It was fun.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Speaking of wrangling up's that coming along?? :)

Great stuff. Now I know you even better.

Zanne said...

That was indeed fun and I enjoyed finding out the answers! And you definitely need to get us that Tinkerbell pic!!!!! :D