Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tour Eiffel moutons

Dr. Lala and her new boyfriend, The Texas Vet (TexVet, for short), recently spent a weekend in Paris. How would it be to live in Europe and say to your friends, "Oh, we're going to Paris this weekend" or "We did a day trip to Salzburg" or "We grabbed the Chunnel Train and went to London for the day"? For some reason, it's just not the same when we say, "Yeah, I took the $17 Chinatown Express to New York this weekend." So not romantic or glamourous sounding.

Here is le Post Card a la Lala. (Pardon my French. Or lack thereof.)

Mare-see-bow-coo, Dr. Lala!


Miss Understood said...

Popping across to France (or Belgium) for the day is about as glamourous as going to the supermarket for some wine and cigarettes. (After all, that's the only reason people go!)

Give me New York anyday!

JMK said...

Ms. U: How funny! I'm sure if I lived in London or Vienna, I'd start to feel that way, too. "Paris. Big deal." Of course, I'm over here thinking, "New York. Big deal. Skyscrapers, schmyscrapers. Eh."

I know! Let's house swap. You can have my place for a month and I'll take yours. D.C. is three hours from NYC on the train, and you can get decent airfares to the West Coast if you wanted to do a long weekend jaunt.... I could de camp to your place and jump off to London and Continent from there.... (Hey, wasn't this the premise of a recent movie? I think I just saw it. The Holiday?? Hm. Maybe there's something to the concept....)