Saturday, April 07, 2007


I was a bum this weekend. Okay... truthfully, I was a bum for half the weekend. I can't talk about Sunday because a) it isn't Sunday yet and b) I'm hosting Easter dinner with the family at my house on Sunday, so I won't be bumming tomorrow.

But I was a bum today. Slept in until 9:00 or so, then watched Part II of Gone with the Wind (I watched Part I last night, before I went to bed), followed by The Holiday (better than I expected and I'm not a huge, huge fan of Jude Law, but I thought he was very Cary Grant in this movie), Curse of the Golden Flower (which was okay; I liked Crouching Tiger, Hero, and House of Flying Daggers better), Ice Age (hadn't seen it before now; also turned out to be better than expected for that type of movie), Frankenstein (the Branagh/DeNiro/Bonham Carter version; only okay; not as scary as I thought it would be), and, finally, to round out the movie watching, Casino Royale (for, like, the 12th time. I must say, I think the new Bond movies are far more sophisticated than in the past and this one is no exception. I really like this Bond film.)

By the time I finally showered and dressed, it was well after 7:00 p.m. and then I ran off to the store to buy the various sundries and goods I'll need to make tomorrow's dinner--pork tenderloin with roasted granny smith apples and butternut squash on the side. It's a new recipe and I thought I'd give it a whirl, as the family didn't want the standard ham or lamb. We'll see how it turns out.

But that's not really the point I want to make with this post. The point I want to make is, ever since I started working full-time again, I've felt as though my weekends have been overcrowded with things that are MUST-DOs rather than WANT-TO-DOs. Does that make sense? For some reason, during my 10 months of unemployment and leisure, I somehow unlearned how to get everything done on the weekends that I need to, while still leaving time for a little play and R&R. My only saving grace this weekend is that our Boston-Irish-Catholic Veep decided to close the office yesterday at noon in observance of Good Friday. So, I went to Costco yesterday and got that out of the way, which then only left cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and laundry for today. Of those, I managed to get two out of three done between 7:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. I'll finish cleaning tomorrow and then will start cooking in the afternoon.

Still... I get to Mondays and think, "How come I feel so tired?"

I also, before the lengthy hiatus, use to run a lot of errands in the evenings after work, but now, I come home so tired, I rarely go out in the evenings. What's up with that?!

Anyway--enough about all this. I'm off to put my PJs back on and watch another movie. Maybe I'll watch Casino Royale again...


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Welcome to my world.

I watched "The Holiday" two nights in a row a couple weeks ago when it came via Netflix...I loved it too. I thought the men and women in it were well cast. I did feel like the storyline favored Cameron Diaz and Jude Law a bit much...I wanted to see more of the story with the other female lead (can't think of her name and am too busy to google it) who was pathetically hung up on the jerk.

Hmmmm...wonder why? :)

JMK said...

SML: I agree... Too much Cameron Diaz and Jude Law. I wanted more Kate Winslet and Jack Black, too.

Mary Ellen said...

Loved Kate Winslet; thought Cameron was a little mechanical. (Run toward house, pause on cue, resume running toward house where unexpected true love Jude is). But I enjoyed it well enough.

I'm going through the same thing, J. Wondering how I'm going to get everything done when I'll only have weekends, starting Monday. Wondering how long it will take to adjust to getting up when the alarm goes off and showing up at a new workplace every day.

Plus I have to squeeze in the stuff for my column--hoping that will enable some recreation on weekends.