Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In the BIN Resurrected

I think the last time I wrote an In the BIN entry was in February. I seem to recall promising that the next Binster would feature blogs from Canada. I still have to work on that one. In the meantime, in a fit of resurrection, here's a smattering of blogs I've noted that are quite good.

First off, Green Canary, who writes about an accidental hike, an errant french fry, and a steak knife that doubles as a back scratcher and how it all adds up to the best kind of friendship. Read Peas, Pod.

Next up, if you don't get over to the Gunfighter's blog or you don't read DC Blogs Noted, here are a couple of entry's from my buddy's blog last week that are sublime. Warning: These entries include Kodak moments and may require the use of Kleenex. Here is Something You Don't Know About Gunfighter and What a Day! (P.S. If you do read DC Blogs Noted, you'll note that Gunfighter's two aforementioned blogs are featured there.)

Have you blown your nose and wiped your eyes? Yes? Good. Our next BIN feature is the tragic tale of a cell phone that bites the dust during a drunken hike through a Civil War battlefield park. Read Chronicle of a Death Foretold.

Today's Washington Post (sadly) reported that Cindy Sheehan is throwing in the towel. Seems our so-called democracy really doesn't welcome protest and dissent like we'd like to think it does. Whether I liked or agreed with Sheehan or not is not my point here. The point is, when citizens of a democracy are left voiceless and powerless, as we have been in the last six years, it seems its a short walk from there to despotism and totalitarianism. Read Laurie Writes' take on Sheehan's resignation. Titled Screaming at the Monitor. (Note: This entry is a bit long, but well worth the read.)

Finally, as if the implosion of democracy isn't enough for you, try dealing with customer service as it pertains to home ownership and home repairs. While renting isn't a good long-term investment, in cases like this one, it looks far more attractive than owning. Here is A Daily Does of Zen Sarcasm and The Customer is Rightly Annoyed.

And there you have it. The latest edition of In the BIN. Can't promise when there will be another one any time soon, but somewhere along the yellow brick road of life, I'm sure I'll conjure up something again.

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