Tuesday, July 03, 2007


That’s what I paid the HVAC guy to come out and service the air conditioner, because I thought that was the source of the smell in my house.

Turns out, it was 12 tins of $1.99 Altoids-like chocolate mint candies--called Hint Mint--that were the source of the mulchy odor in my house. Go figure.

Ah, well. Glad I got that little mystery solved before turning guests, friends, and family out of the house. At the very least, there are no worries about Legionnaire’s Disease. Although, can you get that in a house? Well, regardless, the tins of candy have been locked in an air-tight container and should smell no more.

Case closed!


Dr Lala said...

Are you serious? What did they smell like?? Why did they smell??

Janet M Kincaid said...

I think it was just a really potent combination of chocolate and mint that produced the smell. They're a hard candy, so they have a tendency to be fragrant, whereas a soft, nougat-y type candy wouldn't necessary.

The only way I can describe the smell is musty mulchy. Of course, over time the intensity of the smell was diminishing, but not before first smelling up the entire house.