Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Me Want

I'm not generally someone who's at the forefront of cutting edge technology. It usually takes me a while to adopt the latest and greatest whatever gizmo that's out there. For example, I still haven't bought an iPod (I'm borrowing an earlier model from my sister, though a new one for me is right down the road), I don't upgrade my cell phone every nine to 12 months, and I haven't bought new stereo equipment in probably 15 years. I'll admit: I'm totally unhip that way.

That said, though, I went to the Apple Store last night with a friend who is looking to buy a new laptop and while she and her husband were talking to the Mac-o-phile sales dude, I was playing with the new Apple iPhone.

All I can say is, I want one of these! It is so much cooler in real time than I ever thought possible!

So, I think I might table my future purchase of an iPod, wait for the next release of the iPhone--give 'em time to work out the bugs on this first generation model, up the gigs, lower the call plan price--and go from there! It's one sweet piece o' technology!

Photo copyright: Apple Inc.


Sideon said...


**running screaming from the Apple stores**

Janet M Kincaid said...

SIDEON... Look into my eyes... Resistance is futile... We will assimilate you...

Bwaaahahahahaha! Oh, wait. The BORG don't laugh, do they? Oh well. What the hell!

iPhone * iPhone * iPhone * iPhone * iPhone * iPhone * iPhone ****

ME said...

Did you see the Michael Ramirez cartoon about the iPhone? I couldn't get it from the local paper's website, but it's reposted here under June 30:

Made me think about my various appetites.