Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Not Thinking

I'm thinking I'm not living up to my Thinking Blogger Award... er, award... lately.

I just did an informal survey of my material from the last couple of months and it's crap, I tell you, crap!

I haven't posted a single thought-provoking thought since... wait... lemme see... Oh, yeah. Here it is. Since May, when I wrote about bullying. (Well, with the exception of Dr. Lala's rant against BAA. That wasn't crap. That's been a public service.)

Hm. That's sad.

I've got to get back on my high horse, dust off my soap box, brush up on my pontificating 'cause otherwise I'm just another puddin' head with a computer postin' crap to the 'net. (Again, see aforementioned BAA PSA by Dr. Lala as an exception to the current state of content around here.)

I'm opening the suggestion box. Name a topic. (Keep it clean. Sid... I mean you!) ;-) If I like it and it makes me think provocative thoughts (again: note rule about cleanliness), I'll noodle it and attempt to write something remotely approaching intelligent.

Image copyright: Tom Otterness. All rights reserved to him.


hm-uk said...

See, I don't know if I would agree with you that you haven't posted any thought provoking material lately. I think your July 4th posting was brilliant. So you didn't write an essay on it, who cares? The picture and the sentiment said it all - it was a great reminder that people are still suffering.

Janet M Kincaid said...

HM-UK: Excellent point. I'd forgotten about that one. Thank you! That picture still haunts me, btw. I have a copy of it hanging on the wall in my office.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I agree with what HM-UK said. Hmmm..sugggestions, huh?

Patriarchy: does it exist in the business world today as it does in religion?

Women who throw each other "under the bus" to get ahead in the business world.

Why do we average-looking women in the USA still wish we looked like the supermodels we are fed in the media? Why don't we stand up and say no more! and embrace our beauty rather than let someone else dictate to us what beauty is?

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I enjoy your blog!

I keep coming back every single day!