Saturday, July 07, 2007

Area 57

At 11:08 p.m. tonight, these were the headlines at the

Lead Exposure Linked to Crime
New Seven Wonders Named
Revisiting the Five Second Rule
Uncovering the Truth in Roswell
Pagans Can't be Pegged
In France, Sarkozy's Jogging Is a Running Joke

Either it's a really slow news day in D.C. (and thank goodness for that. We need a break!) or the aliens of Roswell have decamped to the Nation's Capital.


hm-uk said...

Yea! I love Roswell - it's super-kitsch. I took the SO on a tour of New Mexico, some years back and she commented that it was quite incredible to see a town where the car dealership had a ginormous alien on the roof. As if aliens would be caught dead driving a Chrysler! I'd be interested to know what the official line of the LDS is on the Roswell story...

Janet M Kincaid said...

HM: No clue what the official line is. Probably 'no comment.' Unofficially, they probably say that Mormon cosmology believes in 'world's without end' and that it is possible there are others out there....

Have you and the SO seen Ratatouille yet? If not, at least try to sneak in at the front end and see the new Pixar short. It features UFOs and aliens and is quite fun.

senga1968 said...

It's never a slow news day as long as there is a war going on. It's the art of distraction, you see. If we focus on new 7 wonders of the world then we can't be upset and pre-occupied by the 35 more people who lost their lives in Iraq that day. Think about how distracted we were as a nation with that damn girl, Paris Hilton, a few weeks ago. She doesn't matter in the scheme of things about how we are winning the war (that is- the most costliest war ever in human history, I might add). So go figure.