Saturday, July 21, 2007

Silence Falls Across the Land...

In cities and towns nationwide, a hush falls over the land.

Main Streets, normally bustling thoroughfares of commerce and traffic on beautiful Saturday afternoons, are empty.

Neighborhoods, usually teeming with kids and teens, are eerily silent.

In homes and dwellings across the country, millions of readers--young and old--are cracking open a book and reading these first words:

The two men appeared out of nowhere, a few yards apart, in a narrow, moonlit lane....

Happy reading, Harry Potter fans everywhere!


Anonymous said...

I'm up to page a hundred-and-something. I noticed what you noticed today when I went to the grocery store to buy food and a Harry Potter book -- street traffic was way down, and not many people were in the grocery store. This is strange for a Saturday.

Happy reading to you, too!

- Phoebe

ME said...

I ditched Sunday School to read for an hour in the car. Was twitchy all through RS wanting to get home and finish the last 75 pages!

Mary Ellen

Janet M Kincaid said...

Phoebe and ME: I have to confess--I'm not a reader of Harry Potter. A copy arrived here on Saturday and my housemate was the one reading it. She finished it Sunday afternoon.

And, in a further confession, I asked to know the ending so I'd be able to converse intelligently around the water cooler today. Alas, no discussion was had at work, so it was for naught.

Additional confession: I've only read the first two and a half.

Still... I hope everyone enjoyed it. And I'd skip out on R.S., too, to read a good book!

Gunfighter said...

Personally, I just don't get it... but, hey, I read stuff that lots of people woudn't touch.

Happy Reading!