Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No Starch, Please

Received a postcard yesterday from my sister Janeen. She was in NYC last week attending an art seminar taught by the guy whose mother wrote the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain." I have to say, I'm totally amazed by the level of skill she developed in just five days. Her before and after self-portraits were amazing! Anyway--she sent me this picture of the Flatiron Building in lower Manhattan. At least, I think it's in what is classified as Lower Manhattan. I guess it's really in upper Lower/lower Upper Manhattan. I don't know. I do know it's not far from the Empire State Building and is right up the street from the Foundation Center, where I did a week's worth of training two years ago for my last job.

So here, with no starch, is Janeen's postcard.

Thanks 'Neen!

P.S. Did you draw today?

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Janeen said...

If you all want more information on this class Brian Bomeisler the son of Betty Edwards and the instructor of the class, has a website where you can take a look at what it means to draw on the right side of the brain. The website is www.drawright.com. The website has examples of former student's work, and a schedule of classes. The class was worth every penny, I will hold onto the experience as one of those once in a lifetime things. Brian and his mother have been featured in various art magazines/journals, as well as the LA Times, the NY Times, on the Today Show and various smaller newspapers. Brian has also taught classes at another PharmaCo., to help the executives of the company learn how to think "out of the box". This was an awesome experience and I would give five out of five stars!