Sunday, December 31, 2006

Day 31 (Part 2): December Roundup

Once again, we're at the end of a month. I've managed to blog every day this month as well. Not sure this is a noteworthy achievement, but again, it's been fun.

Here's a round-up.

On the first day of December, my true blogger gave to me 30 more days of blog, blog, blog. The weather was nice enough for walking in Rock Creek Park and noticing hub caps on police cars. I also considered a moratorium on comments on other blogs due to really bad grammar.

On the second day of December, my true blogger gave to me the coolest website ever. And I whined about how hard it is to find a job. (If you want to read that one again, you'll have to request it.)

On the third day of December, my true blogger gave to me ten names. My favorites are my Star Wars name: Kinja Banpro and my Detective Name: Doxie Blue. Observations were also made regarding the timelessness of a Washington Post Magazine article about the hassles of traffic in the D.C. area 15 years ago. The article still applies to current traffic woes in this area.

On the fourth day of December, my true blogger gave to me widgets and a ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

On the fifth day of December, my true blogger gave to me the admonition to always 'save as draft' before becoming distracted by other things like email and websites, leading to inadvertent closure and loss of blogs-in-progress. In an effort to make up for the time I lost drafting the previous, unsaved, lost post, I perused a website from Japan about things miniature.

On the sixth day of December, my true blogger gave to me tickets to Movin' Out--a bomb. Meanwhile, in the skies over the U.S., some poor woman kept lighting matches to cover her bombs.

On the seventh day of December, my true blogger gave to me an astounding act of all-out alliteration.

On the eight day of December, my true blogger gave to me a bunch of copy and paste.

Okay.... I'm stopping the references to that horrid Christmas song that counts down the twelve days of you-know-what and giving you a real round-up.

Day nine found me revealing Wheaton, Maryland's best kept secret, while day 10 brought an inventory of my Christmas music collection that, at that time, included 41 versions of Silent Night. I've since added four more albums to my Christmas collection, bringing the total number of Silent Nights to 45.

Day 11 found me reading the Washington Post and, as a result of learning that evangelicals in the military are 'the aroma of Jesus Christ', I subsequently declared Jesus a stinker. The next day, I received two new postcards in the mail. Thanks to the BBC, I learned that I should never go hunting in Texas and I got tagged by the Gunfighter. The day after that was relatively quiet with postings of pictures of Bert the Squirrel and my Christmas decorations.

By day 14 I was asking cop questions and had received yet another postcard. The next day, I daydreamed about what I would do if I won the lottery and I shuffled my iPod. Received another postcard on day 16. On day 17, after enjoying the strains of a new Christmas CD, I advised everyone to run, not walk to their favorite retailer and buy this album. Having just returned from the City of Brotherly Love, I shared the macarbe and the wiz. By day 18, I was misreading headlines and finding new ways to enjoy cleaning.

I learned, on day 19, that I paid attention in high school 86% of the time, but that doesn't account for my love of chicken and waffles. On day 21, I decided that Google/Blogger are sociologically diabolical in their efforts to shame those of us using old Blogger into signing up for NEW Blogger. I also did something shocking and wished for snow. And, I performed a vital public service by telling folks they should avoid a combination of cherry Slurpees and mint gum at all costs. Day 22 brought a postcard from Switzerland and found me helping with the family business.

Day 23 was a barn burner, with four... count 'em: FOUR... posts in one day! I began with a look into the Departments of Motor Vehicles in six states and the options for special license plates. The Vainness of Vanity and Self-Congratulations Award goes to the State and citizens of Maryland, where you have at least 757 options for letting all of us know who you are and what you belong to. After that, I explored the use of middle initials in names, but never arrived at any earth-shattering truths. I receive 'noch eine Karte' (yet another postcard) from my friends in the Alpine nation of Switzerland and I found out that Safeway would be open on Christmas day.

On Christmas Eve, I wrote about the gift my siblings and I made for our mother and on Christmas day, I meme'd. Boxing Day dawned bright and cold and brought a postcard from the Big Sky state with good advice. By Day 27, I was purusing DC Blogs again and wondering what the criteria are for being noted. Friends came over that evening for apple crisp and several rounds of Spite & Malice. We talked about the origins of Santa Claus, which resulted in finding sites about Saint Nicklaus and Krampus. On day 29, I was reading the Washington Post yet again. The result was my mind in the gutter and a parody of incoming mayor-elect Adrian Fenty. Having exhausted my writing abilities for the rest of the year, I turned DC Rush Hour over to a guest blogger for an overview of the Indian films, Umrao Jaan. As for 2006, it was, to quote the Queen, my annus horribilus, but I've decided not to dwell on that and to say, I'm simply grateful.

And that concludes this round-up! Thank you for riding along with me and the tumblin', tumblin', tumbleweed of my brain. (For an easier index, see the December DCRushHour Index.)

Today is New Year's Eve. I'd like to think that once again I'll make New Year's resolutions, but who am I kidding? What I hope for, though, is peace, not only for our nation, but for all nations and their people.

Photos and artwork courtesy of Roundup Weed Control and Killer, The American Quarter Horse Heritage & Museum Center, and


Sister Mary Lisa said...

All I can say is, it must take you FOREVER to link to each post as you've done. Brilliant.

Janet M. Kincaid said...

It takes a good hour or so do this up proper. And I just discovered that I have one of the links wrong. I claimed to have posted a picture of Bert the Squirrel, when in fact, it was a sunset I posted. Oh well.